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A harmonious connection of man and nature: the Belgrade LINKpark project

Increasing green areas is necessary in all major cities in Eastern Europe, but the rehabilitation of old, neglected public parks is also a major challenge for the city management. They strive to help breaking free from the infinite concrete jungle by increasing the number of trees and preserving vegetation, so that during the reconsideration of spaces, concepts are born, where the central element is connecting people and nature. One of the best examples is the concept of the Belgrade LINKPark, which creates a perfect harmony between the waterfront and the built environment.  

Architects Milena Vukmirovic, Ivana Vujovic, Aleksandar Copic and Boris Radic have three main goals that include creating a park that preserves the original identity of the place, while integrating different types of spaces and connecting the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers with the city center. Infrastructure development is also a priority, so the area will be surrounded by a variety of public transport and roads specialized in electric cars, which will make it quickly and easily accessible in all seasons. Sustainability is also promoted by the use of high-quality covers and furniture made exclusively of natural materials. On the riverbank, which is currently used for industrial purposes, railways and wagons are left, which are later converted into facilities information points, toilets and an outdoor reading room. In addition to the running tracks, the park will also have grass areas suitable for sports. Architects hope that in the future, the LINKPark will become one of the city’s favorite leisure meeting places.

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