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Harmony inspired by nature | Viter House

An unusual residential building was dreamed up by the Ukrainian MAKHNO design and architecture studio in Kyiv. The Viter House, which is home to a family of seven, forms a unity with the environment with huge windows and a multitude of terraces.

Not only is it in symbiosis with nature, but the concrete building, which operates with refined forms and radiates timeless beauty, also drew inspiration from it. In their work, the architects were led by the wind and its slow but persistent shaping power toward the perfect order and geometry of shapelessness.

The sharp lines on the ground floor of the house are refined into quite soft shapes on the level that follows. The amorphous shapes, unusual from the material quality of concrete result in quite stunning interiors. There is not one sharp angle, complete spatial freedom and ethereal lightness permeate the interior of the building.

The Viter House collaborates with the elements of nature. As a dignified and light monolith, it definitely stands out from the space. Stretching to the sky, the house breathes along with the wind, reminding us: the real point lies in harmony, and we find harmony where we are truly at home. 

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