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Healthy snacks from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

A fun evening with friends; relaxing on the couch after a hard day; a few minutes of rest between the never-ending hours of working or studying—moments when we can definitely use some tasty snacks. But after a good snack, we often feel guilty, because salty snacks with artificial flavor enhancers and sweets rich in sugar are definitely not the healthiest choices. Today’s regional selection of snacks contains only natural ingredients and is safe to consume, even on a diet.

EKI-NEKI | Cherkasy, Ukraine

A healthy diet starts with giving up pastries and bread for many. A great alternative is a Ukrainian puffed corn and rice snack called EKI-NEKI. This product is available in different types and flavors and prepared without frying, with added olive oil.

Snack Garden | Budapest, Hungary

Iván, the founder of Snack Garden moved back to Hungary after nine years, and during his travels, he’d got to know many different nutritious snacks, which he thought were missing from the Hungarian market. This inspired him to create his own brand of additive-free, smart snacks with high vitamin content that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

SUSZ | Warsaw, Poland

The paper-thin snacks of SUSZ are prepared with a special technique, from premium category Polish fruits and vegetables. The brand’s priorities include the preservation of natural ingredients, so they don’t contain any additives, coloring or flavoring. They also followed this approach in designing their corporate identity, so you’ll find their clean, minimalist packaging on store shelves.

Snack de Fromage | Prague, Czech Republic

Cheesy puff is loved worldwide, but the stores have definitely been lacking a healthy option in this category so far. However, the creators of Snack de Fromage have done everything in their power to make a low-carb, gluten-free and non-GMO cheesy snack, which is a bliss to our whole body, not just our taste buds.

SanoVita | Măglași, Romania

The brand, with a history of 25 years behind its back, is one of a kind in several ways: as pioneers in the marketing and sale of healthy snacks in Romania, with a wide range of snacks, from chocolate-covered puffed rice bars to seeds and dried fruit, they make everything from natural ingredients.

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