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Hello Wood takes its minimalist cabin to a new level

As a result of a more than one-year-long process, Hello Wood completed the development of Kabinka. Thanks to the designers’ and structural engineers’ innovative solutions, the result is a type of Kabinka that surpasses the previous model in terms of sustainability and marketability, making it an even more dominant player in the small-house market. This is Kabinka 2.0!

Kabinka 2.0 is made up of prefabricated elements, is easy to transport and simple to assemble, allowing the cabin to be built in as little as one week and placed almost anywhere: by the water, on a hillside, in the woods or at the end of the garden. In an innovative way, it rethinks the use of sandwich panels with excellent heat retention and metal cladding to ensure the durability of the house. This gives industrial technology a residential function. The elements are complemented by a natural wood cladding that defines the character of the building. It benefits from being more sustainable than conventional buildings due to its use of materials and its small size, resulting in a significantly smaller ecological footprint.

The practical design of the all-year-habitable Kabinka 2.0 makes it equally suitable for accommodation and individual use. A new feature is the cubic “box” in the center of the building, which houses the kitchen, bathroom and built-in wardrobe. The box divides the space into two rooms (a living room and a bedroom) and a corridor connecting them, with a gallery above.

Photos: Darab Zsuzsa

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