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Hidden universes—dazzling caves of the region | TOP 5

Caves hide natural wonders that we could not even imagine. Maybe we wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t see it with our own eyes. That is why we are now bringing to the surface the stunning world of the universes in the solid crust of the earth! Here are our favorite caves from the region, all of which can be explored safely and comfortably—on established routes, by train, or just through pools.

Postojna Cave | Slovenia

The Postojna Cave is the longest accessible cave in Europe with its 24 km long road network. The five-meter-high white stalagmite is a symbol of the Slovenian karst region. The white color of the magical formation is due to the layer of flowstone deposited by the water dripping slowly down the stalactite. Like life above the surface, we can find mountains, rivers, a working railway line, and even special wildlife here—the strange creature called the olm (blind salamander) is, according to legends, actually a dragon baby!

Raj Cave | Poland

From a 180-meter-long promenade, visitors can admire the underground complex of tunnels and chambers, the most beautiful cave in Poland. At the entrance, you can also see an exhibition with which we can fly back to prehistoric times: a family scene welcomes explorers, but we can also meet lifelike copies of contemporary animals.

Stopića Cave | Serbia

The second-largest cave in Serbia is located near the Zlatibor Mountains, which has long been a popular resort due to its 1000-meter altitude and green area. Clean, mountain air and a source of water, as well as skiing and cave trips—the recipe for the perfect four-season rest area.

Photos: Avanturista, Cedomir Zarkovic, Hotel Palisad Zlatibor

Miskolctapolca Cave Bath | Hungary

The spring cave, carved out of limestone by the water over millennia, can now be enjoyed in the form of a beautifully designed thermal bath. In addition to the karst waters that many believe have a healing effect, six outdoor pools await guests in Miskolctapolca, at a landscaped beach area.

Eisriesenwelt | Austria

Considered the largest ice cave in the world, the Eisriesenwelt is more than 42 km long, of which one kilometer can be explored by foot. The cave system, rich in spectacular ice formations, is preserved in its most natural state, since it is under monument protection.

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