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High-tech coffee roasters by Typhoon Coffee

An overseas coffee expo inspired the Typhoon Coffee team in the mid-1990s: they broke with the centuries-old tradition of coffee roasting and developed their unique roasters with patented technology.

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional roasters is that the taste of coffee can change during the process. However, Typhoon Roasters machines roast coffee in a fluid bed, allowing the coffee beans to stay in contact with the hot metal for a long time and retain their full aroma.

Based on a unique idea, they dreamed up coffee roasters that work not only efficiently but also with ease. Their professional machines impress not only lay coffee fans but also professional roasters.

In addition to indulging the passion for coffee in Typhoon’s recently opened showroom in Prague, we can also admire the high-tech monsters that fit into a sci-fi film “while at work”.

Photos: Typhoon Coffee

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