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HIGHLIGHTS | A sustainable refreshment

The weekend is finally here, and even though summer is coming to an end, we want to drink every last drop of our finest refreshment. Now we’re back with a project selection that might give you a little energy to start the year and get back to normal.

Perhaps the most popular and environmentally friendly packaging in recent years is the metal beverage can. Besides being easily recyclable, it also has just enough content for one person, so we don’t waste the divine liquid if we can’t consume it. Whether it’s fruit juice, carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, tea, or energy drinks, nearly 370 billion of these metal bottles are sold worldwide every year.

The revolutionary packaging comes from the US city of Richmond, Virginia, where it spread with ease following the lifting of alcohol prohibition in 1935. Outside the United States, it was first used at the Felinfoel Brewery in Wales, where liquid bread was previously only distributed in bottles and barrels. During World War II, Felinfoel was the UK’s largest military food supplier, as metal cans saved space and weight for military logistics and did not need to be refilled like their glass predecessors.

This versatile yet simple beverage packaging has captured the interest of beverage manufacturers as well as the imagination of our creatives, and nowadays, there is nothing new about the extravagant look of the packaging. The battle to attract consumers’ attention gives rise to ever more exciting solutions, from Colombia to the United States.

GUARDIAN · Beer | Medellín, Colombia
invade design

IKEO | Cairo, Egypt
Al Gendi
Aya Magdy
Karim Atef

Fika beer label | Wroclaw, Lengyelország
Jakub Kaminski

Finery Vodka Sodas | Auckland, New Zealand
Onfire Design

Mortar | Dallas, USA
Kevin Craft

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