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HIGHLIGHTS | Colorful typography

It is no exaggeration to say that we are now witnessing a new renaissance of creative typography. As extravagant, experimental specimens and typefaces roll off the production lines of punchcutters, we are putting our written culture to the test over and over again. What is still recognizable and legible?

In our current selection of projects, we bring you examples from different companies that not only represent this graphic design attitude but rather, by meeting the expectations of the market culture, they bring a new impetus and approach to this otherwise monotonous world.

Whether it’s just a small modification or a slight distortion, the letter remains a letter as long as it is legible and decipherable. The boundary between legibility and illegibility is now quite wide, leaving plenty of room and space for creative design.

With a few characterful designs, we show you how the young generation of graphic designers is bringing their rebelliousness and worldview into the office world!

algorist / drawing souvenirs | Moscow, Russia
Natalia Radnaeva

WOLF – FUTURE APPLIED | Gliwice, Poland
Mateusz Pałka
Symbol Studio

Mówi Warszawa | Warsaw, Poland
Rafal Jagielski

Recharger / Unwind | Montreal, Canada
Caserne .
Etienne Murphy
Léo Breton-Allaire

Myosin | London, United Kingdom
Dustin Holmes

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