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HIGHLIGHTS | Did bistros used to be bistros?

Certainly, we all have heard the term bistro, which has changed a lot over the years, not just in meaning but also in many other ways. In our current project selection, we investigate the origins and present-day functions of this special place. Join us!

All over the city, cafés are reopening and filling up with people after a long shutdown caused by the pandemic. The crisis has destroyed many places, and now new ones have taken their place. There has also been a visible jump in the use of the term ‘bistro’. But what is a bistro today, and what was it in the past?

Surprisingly, bistro is not a French word. Although most commonly used there, it comes from the Russian word быстро, meaning quickly. In the past, these places were fast-food restaurants, and their aim was to serve simple dishes, which were undoubtedly the guests’ favorites, in addition to quick service. Nowadays, when we think of a bistro, we no longer associate fast food and familiar flavors, quite the opposite: these places have become sanctuaries for pleasant, relaxing social events and unique gastronomic delights. That’s how the urban canteens that survived the wartime and later became popular in France were transformed in their meaning.

Now, let’s see how our creatives around the world associate graphic design with bistros and similar unique places, from New York to Lviv.

SCAMPI | Branding | Brooklyn, New York

Melisse Restaurant | Montreal, Canada
Alex Nereuta
Sipi Sapé

NOMO IZAKAYA | Singapore, Singapore

Moranga | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sarah Galbim

Caesar’s gastro bar | Lviv, Ukraine
Olena Fedorova

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