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HIGHLIGHTS | Festivals, you are missed!

Be it any kind of festival, only one thing matters: diving deep into the experience – for a night, or for several days –, living the unique atmosphere that is not only about the artists, events or concerts lined up in the program, as we didn’t purchase a ticket for a single attraction, but for a whole universe. Of course there are festivals that do not concentrate on a single spot, but put a whole city or district into new light, making the usual streets and squares become the venue for joyful celebration. 

It doesn’t matter what festival it is, we must believe that we are in the right place, at the right time. The decoration can also help us get into the feeling. We need to find a system in the randomness, in chaos, in crowd, in the discord – a good festival visual identity is not only about joy, but also about providing a sense of safety to the festival goers. Here are some fine examples from Greece to Canada. 

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


IFFO: International Film Festival of Ottawa | Ottawa, Canada
Michael George Haddad


Festival Flamenco Heritage 2017 | Madrid, Spain
Davide Barrica
Antonio García Cárceles


Burger Fest ’19 | Athens, Greece
Konstantina Yiannakop…
The Birthdays Design
George Strouzas


Flow Festival 2015 | Helsinki, Finnland
BOND Creative Agency


Photo Open Up | International Photography Festival | Milan, Italy
Office Milano


Fórum Internacional de Gaia 2019 | Porto, Portgual
Serafim Mende
Diana Ferreira

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