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HIGHLIGHTS | Gastronomy wrapped in graphics

It might go without saying, but gastronomy goes hand in hand with graphic design. Many businesses are entering the market with more and more excellent visual identities, and many are willing to spend money and energy on the packaging. This week, we showcase projects where design goes beyond the culinary pleasures to help the food makers gain recognition.

It is an exciting challenge for any studio to design a complex identity when the client asks the designer not only to develop the graphic world but to design the packaging of a particular product. In such cases, visual thinking only serves as a guide because it loses its validity if the designed object is impractical and does not work. Not to mention the fact that in many cases, the envisaged packaging has to comply with serious regulations, and environmental sustainability is also something that cannot be avoided these days. Any graphic element related to gastronomy, be it a book, a building or a corporate identity, can be such an exciting challenge.

Let’s see this week’s favorites, now from the UK to Vietnam. Join us!

Branding & Illustration | Harlequin Chocolates | Glasgow, United Kingdom
Fruzsi Fölföldi

Molly Baz – Cook this Book | Paris, France
Violaine & Jeremy

DINO BURGER | Macau, A region in China with special administrative status
Au Chon Hin

Zac’s Bakehouse | New York, USA
Crown Creative

Goon Yard | Ho Si Minh-city, Vietnam
Ksoul Studio

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