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HIGHLIGHTS | Letter+color

The visual identity of a company or organization is now an unavoidable factor. This has been the case for a long time, but over the years it has become more and more important and urgent to develop a visual language that is best optimized for the hectic life and intuitions of modern man, that is, it serves the transmission of essential and clear information. An excellent basis for such an identity is the encounter of a distinctive letter and color.

In fact, anything can be a brand identity that carries character and information in itself. A character that is the same as the object of the brand identity, the organization, and conveys its message and information well. Recently, designers in Central European countries have also been strongly influenced by the Swiss and Scandinavian graphic design, which is excellent for achieving this optimal market language.

A simple but very characteristic typography has been a standard feature of any brand identity since the appearance of the letters Futura and Helvetica. This demand has now evolved to the point where some brands only achieve their goals by building on a dominant letter and color. In our current project selection, we line up solutions like this and similar to this ideal from Russia to Spain.

BEAT FILM FESTIVAL | Syktyvkar, Russia
Rodion Plekhov

CRSA Architects | Salt Lake City, USA
Powell— Studio©

ESACOUNIT | Gdynia, Poland
247 Studio
Zuza Rogala
Bartosz Kruszyński

Brilla | Heredia, Costa Rica

Talent for a Better Society Branding | Barcelona, Spain
Xavier Esclusa Trias

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