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HIGHLIGHTS | Looks matter too

We love to talk a lot about the importance of sustainable design. But is it enough to only change the materials and the processes to reshape the whole approach? Let us tell you: no.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just published its latest study. The nearly eight years of research show that climate change is unstoppable. Suppose we do not immediately phase out fossil fuel industries; the average temperature of our planet could rise by up to two to three degrees Celsius, with unforeseen consequences for the entire ecosystem.

In recent years, several similarly alarming studies have come to light. Thanks to them, a creative generation is now preparing to avoid ecological disasters. Professions such as graphic design have a huge responsibility in this fight, beyond the fact that fashion brands and a large part of the advertising industry have begun to pay more attention to the subject, as in all other areas, framing and quality graphic design are also very important here.

For this Sunday, we have brought you projects that are not necessarily innovative in concept but having a graphic design that brings a sense of contemporary jungle to the shelves of our stores, encouraging us to consume sustainable products. Join us on the journey from Denmark to Canada!

Bantu Vegan Branding & Packaging | Copenhagen, Denmark / Los Angeles, USA
Shaivalini Kumar
Supernova Design
Asavari Kumar

Amuleto Portal | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Un Barco

Rostliny/ Campaign for women | Kecskemét, Hungary
Gál Emma

Floral & Peel | Stockholm, Sweden
Neumeister Design

Coffret potager | Montreal, Canada
Simon L’Archevêque

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