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HIGHLIGHTS | Design drugstores

A simple drugstore is often the place to find what you’re looking for, because it has most of the basic products you could ever need in life. Now, we’ve selected packaging design projects that show how practicality can go hand in hand with good looks. Let’s see!

The French noun, droguerie, was already known throughout Europe in the early 19th century: the term was used to describe places selling chemicals, but over time a wide range of products were added to their shelves. From perfumes to coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, beauty and medical products, medicines and household cleaning products, a broad scope of practical products are available in drugstores.

As we often said before, the packaging in which these products are placed in the consumer’s shopping basket makes a real difference, as packaging serves as a multifunctional communication platform in addition to the visual identity of the manufacturer. The visual world beyond the type of product, its brand and other official markings can easily alienate or convince potential customers. Competition in the industry is constant, as in the 19th century, only one type of product was available in most 19th century shops, but today there are dozens of different brands fighting for customers’ favor.

Here we present design products that appeal not only by their character but also by their look to the discerning shopper who is drawn to these multifunctional outlets.

Waterbody | Los Angeles, Kalifornia
Kati Forner

Amuleto Portal | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Un Barco

Caphe Coffee | Surabaya, Indonesia
Widarto Impact

F-CORE | Sanghaj, China
Hu Vej

Glow | Sanghaj, China
RONG Design

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