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I often ask myself the question: why do we like to read magazines and newspapers even today? The question is legitimate and can be linked to a defining problem of our age, the seemingly insoluble contrast of the physical and the digital world. Man’s obsessive attraction to the material, tangible world is experiencing a renaissance again, refuting prophecies to the contrary.

A magazine gives not only content but also an emotional charge to its reader: perhaps this is why even if economic considerations do not support this direction, it is worth planning to print. The content, ideological value and the work of the printing industry, the quality of the use of materials give a magical experience and create a lasting impression. Today’s climate criticism—unfocused paper production and the associated environmental impact—is also justified, but fortunately there have been radical changes in the market in terms of printing technology and raw material production, for instance recycled paper and the use of environmentally friendly inks.

Magazines and catalogs have a higher quality character than newspapers due to their more serious binding and longer length. A reader reads this format for a longer time than a newspaper, which is why the graphic design must also be of a high standard so that the visual experience does not prove to be boring. In our current selection, we have collected magazines that are not only interesting to read, but also provide a balanced visual experience. Travel with us from America to Hungary!

Increment Issue 9 | San Francisco, USA
Mercedes Bazan

Northerly Magazine, Fall 2018 | Minneapolis, USA
Caroline Royce

Platform Magazine | Copenhagen, Denmark
Daniel Siim

FEW Magazine | Helsinki, Finland
Marina Veziko
Tino Nyman

HypeandHyper | Budapest, Hungary
Miklós Kiss

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