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HIGHLIGHTS | The last adventures of the summer

With the season coming to an end, our hours in the sun are getting shorter: autumn is approaching, but before we bury our well-deserved rest, let’s re-live together a few projects that will be a joy to remember in the midst of the grey weekdays.

Holiday culture is the privilege of the modern man. After long, busy months in bustling cities, from spring onwards all anyone can do is focusing on where to spend the summer—where to say goodbye to the stress and the apathy. For some, the Riviera and the Mediterranean offer a refuge, but there are also those who are attracted to explore yet unfamiliar cultures and cities. These trips are now very easy to plan. We have a range of apps, services and equipment to ensure a truly smooth holiday. Thanks to the popularization of photography, everyone now has a high-tech camera in their pocket to capture their experiences. In such conditions, the summer heat should not deter anyone from a truly exciting weekend!

For this weekend, we’ve brought you projects that either facilitate these adventures or aim to capture them. Enjoy!

Hopstr — Identity & Travel mobile app design | Paris, France
Juliette Lagache

Italy | Paris, France
Pierre-Emile Havette

TRAVEL BOTTLE | Csangsa, China
Jiia Liu

Kibbo | Austin, USA
Jessica Streilioff

Transportation in Nature | Kyiv, Ukraine
Leszja Artimovics

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