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HIGHLIGHTS | The milk cult

We might not even know why or where the milk-drinking habit originated, but by the time of automated milk processing, it had become a worldwide beverage. Although today a growing part of society is working to replace the drink, remarkable packaging is still being created. That’s why our current selection showcases the best-dressed dairy products.

Mainstream gibberish or not, we can slowly declare that the future belongs to alternative milk. But what exactly has happened to the dairy sector since the industrial revolution, and why do more and more people think it’s time to forget about milk? Let us answer with this short video:

Milk consumption is a complicated topic, so it would be irresponsible to claim that it is necessary or even to be avoided. Everyone needs to find out for themselves what they need and what makes them feel good. To prevent risks and side-effects, we have one piece of advice that stands true in all situations: too much of anything is never good for you.

Whether it’s alternative, plant-based or traditional animal-derived, it all requires packaging, and our creative bunch is constantly coming up with eye-catching ways to update the dairy packaging that hits the shelves. From Russia to Brazil, here they are!

Milk bottle | Moscow, Russia
Mikhail Mironov

Bolson e Camêlo Cheeses | Porto Alegre, Brazil
Marlon Roth

Dynasty Dairy Farm | Lviv, Ukraine
Costya Khmeliuk
Nazar Kumanovsky
Vataga Agency
Yura Formusyak
Nadia Dmyterchuk
Marta Khmarna

Kefir – milk drink packaging | Baltimore, USA
Mansur Makhmudov

Nude | Sao Paulo, Brazil
Studio Rebu
Bruno Faiotto
Giovanna Marques
Camilla Mattos
Pedro Mattos

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