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HIGHLIGHTS | This is how our kitchens change

As we often find, people love the proximity of the stove, so it’s no wonder that the center and heart of many homes is the kitchen. Since the really big things happen in the kitchen, for this weekend we selected projects that will make your time in the kitchen easier or more beautiful.

A handful of designers have been creating our kitchen utensils for a century now, but the demands have never changed: it should be very practical, beautiful and accessible. And while we could say the problem is set, every generation seems to be successfully renewing its everyday objects. However, in terms of their function, they have not changed for some time. The sink has been a sink, the oven has been an oven, the fridge has been a fridge. On the other hand, if we look at the cuisine of an American household in the fifties, we can notice a striking difference.

As in all ages, trends shape our environment today. Our kitchens are mostly greener and simpler. Substantial changes from simple civic levels are facilitated by political will. Thus, in recent years, sanctions, more effective quality rating systems and laws have been at the service of environmental protection. As a result of the pressure, the market also adapted to these needs. Home decors chain stores, famous for their practical and beautiful products, no longer want us to buy more, but also more consciously, small and large home appliance manufacturers are developing newer and newer technologies to bring the most energy-efficient products to the market. It has become clear that sustainability is in everyone’s interests.

We are now lining up works that reform our kitchens again in design or thinking. Let’s see!

Ceramic Design | Shenzen, China
朱 思颖

Slider | Seoul, South Korea
girhyo Ham

Everloop | Dish brush with interchangeable bristles | Mexico City, Mexico
NOS Design

GINA: Smart coffee instrument | Ljubljana, Slovenia
Luka Pirnat

Serration Object | Seoul, South Korea
found / Founded

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