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HIGHLIGHTS | We might not realize it, but we live in the past

This is not the first time in the history of our HIGHLIGHTS series that we are sharing design projects that revive the heritage of the past, but we have never presented works that bring a retro world to life in the form of campaigns and objects found in our contemporary environment. Let’s dive into the reflection of the colorful vortex of the past!

Walking on the street nowadays, we are coming across more and more clothes, posters and vehicles that convey the tastes of the past. The answer to the question of why we keep going back to the past is not clear, but we do know that there are two things we really need in the present: not forgetting the past and being open to the future. If either is missing, we will not move forward, because we either have no foundation or no vision.

The visual characteristics of the seventies, eighties and nineties are unique not only in terms of color, but also in terms of design. It was marked by constant renewal, while the technological development of the time also had a strong influence on the overall image of what we now call retro. Just think of the neon tubes, the hand-designed posters, the CRT displays and so on. No wonder that with all the cutting-edge technology surrounding us, it is a real challenge to make an advertising campaign look retro.

These are our favorite projects reflecting on the past, from Colombia to the UK!

Label+posters+stickers design | Cali, Colombia
Ana Moreno

BLACKJACK – WILASCO | Porto Alegre, Brazil
Raphael de Luca

Braun Super 8 3D Exploration | Boston, USA
Sabrina Garcia

BEYOND TASTE – HATSU | Medellín, Colombia
Julian Mesa
Felipe Vélez Vélez

Tanga font | London, United Kingdom
Deborah Ranzetta

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