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HIGHLIGHTS | We would go to such festivals this year as well

In recent decades, most young people have spent their summers at festivals. As last year many of us were forced to choose other forms of entertainment while forgetting the festivals, this year many events will open their doors again. In our current project selection, we present our favorite visual identities of festivals. Have fun!

We cannot stress enough that today no organization can adequately propagate itself without a nice brand identity. This is also the case for festivals. A festival identity has to be striking and inviting in appearance and stand out in its functionality.

As visitors to similar events are not necessarily accountable, a faulty graphical interface can even have catastrophic consequences. The identity of an event can bring a new level of visitor management and visual communication. So many festivals, so many surfaces and spaces are available for the planned visual rule system. Each one is an exciting challenge for our graphic designers.

Now we bring a taste of different brand identities of festivals from Norway to the UK: let’s go!

CODA Oslo International Dance Festival | Oslo, Norway
Tank Design
Oda Wahl

Blanc! N.12 | Barcelona, Spain
Gimmewings Studio

Degusto | Montevideo, Uruguay
Atolón de Mororoa
Andrés Amodio
Diego Prestes

Grafist22—Istanbul Graphic Design Week | Istanbul, Turkey
Volkan Ölmez
Fol .

Kino-Eye Film Festival 2020 | Dundee, United Kingdom
Kyle Lamond

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