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How to experience the course of nature in 5 minutes | Circle of Life

Life is the ever-changing order of nature, just like a circle. It doesn’t matter how big or small this circle is, it ends the same way for everyone. It’s nature’s way to take and give life back to the Earth, symbolizing the sanctity of the universe. It represents infinity—if something dies, it gives something else a new life, maintaining an infinite balance. Circle of Life provides a chance to experience the mystery of this cycle: the artists of Limelight created an immersive experience that shows us this fundamental, yet magical phenomenon of nature.

Limelight emphasizes their message with special visual effects; the team has been creating projection mapping artworks, installations and immersive experiences for nearly 20 years. Projection mapping is always site-specific and takes into account the characteristics of the architecture, giving a unique impression to the audience. In addition to their unique way of expression, they also value education, which is why they launched Limelight Academy a few years ago, where they pass on their own experience in this very specific genre. This shows the diversity of Limelight, but it also represents one certain focus: the transmission of independent artistic values in a renewed form.

Circle of Life, an immersive experience designed for a specific space, was presented in the fall of 2021 at Hungexpo. The concept was developed by the team of Mobilsofa, and the visual presentation of the circle of life reflects the creativity of Limelight. Circle of Life follows life cycles in nature and presents them in a 5-meter high, 16-meter wide, circle-shaped space. Producer of the project István Dávid finds it crucial that the atmosphere created in this space allows the visitor to completely break away from reality. This is why a huge emphasis was placed on the impact on other senses, including sound design, in addition to the story projected on the wall and the interactive floor that reacts to the visitors movements. This makes it much easier to connect with nature, even in ways we cannot experience in real life. “By that, I mean that in nature you cant necessarily get that close to a wild animal,” István adds. The five-minute story is entirely interpretive of the aspects of the world around us, building up at an absolute atomic level and then turning back in on itself. Its an audiovisual experience that takes us completely out of our own world, especially as urban people today experience these effects less and less.

Though technology are crucial in the creation of these immersive spaces, the artistic value can only be interpreted with the story. According toHead of Communications Zsuzsanna Benkó, the team tries to deliver messages that they find important, but it’s also crucial that they try to encourage the audience to think about it instead of transferring it directly.

In addition to the basic concept, other art forms are represented in the immersive space; one of the most spectacular addition to the project was a contemporary dance piece, which perfectly complemented the atmosphere.

The success of Circle of Life does not end after the events, as many enquiries and opportunities have emerged since the exhibition, and the project, in its entirety or adapted, will be shown at international festivals and other spaces.

Art Director: Csaba Világosi
Motion Designers: Bettina Vöröss, Csaba Világosi, Alex Riczkó
Notch Artist/Floor Projection: Ivó Kovács
Interaction Design/Technical surveillance: Viktor Vicsek
Sound Design: András Weil
Project Management: Zsuzsanna Benkó
Video: Kevin Campean
Producer: István Dávid

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