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Human-centered design in a luxury resort

The newly opened villas and related infrastructure in the Maldives are the embodiment of luxury on a human scale. Nature meets design, technology meets rusticity for maximum relaxation, comfort and aesthetic experience. 

Inspired by the beauty and metaphorical significance of the archipelago, the MK27 architectural studio designed the resort complex, conjuring spaces and atmospheres that are intended to create a deep connection with nature. Each of the ninety villas in the Patina Maldives resort is surrounded by lush green parks and the blue of the ocean. Large windows, terraces and transparent interiors blend the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. There are also residential units built specifically on the open water.

Luxury remains human scale and moderate throughout: the fine architectural lines are respectfully low, never overstepping the horizon, leaving space for the environment. The interiors share a similar noble simplicity: natural materials, earth tones and classic shapes prevail, creating a warm and soothing atmosphere.

According to the architects, everyone on this island is united by reaching one of literature’s most distinctive archetypes: the island. The ultimate metaphor of isolation allows people to return to the basics of humanity without the pressures of society: to connect with each other. “Patina offers a unique opportunity to be together in isolation. The Maldives is one of the most separated locations on earth, yet this place was designed for people to meet each other,” explains lead architect Marcio Kogan.

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