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If you’re a fan of olive oil, this restaurant is for you—Oliva

It is really worth adding Warsaw to the bucket list of our destinations, as there are constantly more and more cool facilities, including restaurants, on the list of places worth visiting. In today’s article, we show you the Oliva restaurant, which has reopened after a temporary closure with a completely new, changed interior, fresh identity and a refined menu. 

The name of the restaurant, the olive (oil), is the protagonist of the refreshed concept, which dominates the place in every aspect. It plays a central role on plates and in the Olive Bar, which is the only place of this kind in Poland: the contents of the four barrels placed in the special room vary cyclically—their contents are always extra virgin olive oils, but of different origin, with different filtration and fruit ripeness. In addition to tasting it at the beginning of the meal, olive oil can of course be found in the dishes as well—from lighter appetizers to hearty main courses to desserts. Dishes on the menu vary cyclically and seasonally, as does olive oil in the Olive Bar.

Currently, you can try various mixed bowls, sandwiches and perfectly prepared octopus, meats and original vegetarian dishes at the Oliva. The head of the kitchen is Artur Cichomski—a chef with many years of experience who is not afraid of new challenges. On his plates, olives combine the flavors of different countries, with the best quality products from local suppliers. Olive oil can also be discovered in the cocktails prepared by Piotr Jędrzejewski. 

“Our cuisine is inspired by the culinary culture of countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Croatia—places where olive oil comes from and are known for it. We also present less obvious directions, such as Israel, Japan, and the United States,” says Filip Książek.

The bright, spacious interior was inspired by the Mediterranean style and atmosphere, so that the flavors are fully in harmony with it. There are sand elements, white and blue accessories, quartzite, and iroko wood. The original details complete the entire restaurant, such as the antique vases, a stone washbasin at the entrance, and the glass and brass lamps, while the colorful surfaces of the bar and sofas give the restrained space a warm atmosphere.

The new owner, Julia Adamczyk, and the manager, Filip Książek, are behind the Oliva’s transformation. Łukasz Hendzel and Matylda Iwańska from the Paris Hendzel Studio were responsible for the concept and implementation. The interiors were entrusted to Ewa Dyda-Nowakowska.

Source: Label Magazine

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