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Immerse yourself in the unconventional video clip of AXA’s experimental sound poetry

Hungarian film and techno producer András Polonyi, also known as AXA, has made his debut EP “Bolestan” as a quarantine project. Based on experimentation and a series of random incidents, the tracks are characterized by an atonal, raw and brutal sound that takes the listener into a surreal world. This world is brought to life in the animated video made for the first track, which also won the Best VFX award at the Magyar Klipszemle (the Hungarian music-clip show.)

AXA’s main musical inspirations cover a variety of genres: while as a child he studied classical and jazz piano for years, today his music is mainly influenced by Serbian punk, grunge, hardcore, noise and drone, as well as techno. His debut album “Bolestan” is a journey through alien landscapes, written in the apocalyptic circumstances of the pandemic, and even includes a personal message to a friend encoded in music.

The concept of the video clip, with its rather strong impact on the imagination, is the brainchild of AXA, originally a cinematographer, while the complex 3D animation is a credit to the work of Bettina Vöröss. The three months of working together in perfect harmony were described by the artist as follows:

“Although I have my own well thought-out concept of what the clip is about, I managed to tell the story on a rather abstract level, leaving room for individual, free interpretation. I certainly didn’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth: the beauty of the film lies in the fact that everyone interprets it differently and watches it with different feelings.”

You can watch the video here:

You can listen to the full EP here:

“Bolestan” was published by Free Sequence.

Where can you hear it next? As the next live episode of Balázs Zságer’s “Free Sequence” electronic live act series, the Toldi Klub will host a variety of artists from the electronic music scene in Budapest, where alongside AXA, Aiwa vs Zságer, Imre Kiss and Zsüja will also be performing.

AXA | Youtube

Free Sequence | Facebook event

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