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Incredible marathons in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

We walk, then hurry, jog, run, rush, sprint and gallop: language can perfectly convey the nuances of movement, which has a lot of ways. Somehow this can be the case in marathons as well: one route, yet there are plenty of solutions. In our selection today, we present the marathons of Eastern Europe, where you can not only beat yourself, but also admire your surroundings!

Učka Trail | Croatia

The Učka Trail marathon is not only a competition, but also a unique experience and journey in the Učka Nature Park: diverse flora, mountains, sea and magnificent views accompany the marathoners along the way.

Rimi Riga Marathon | Latvia

The fabulous Riga at the end of August is the capital, not only of the Latvian but also of runners. The Rimi Riga Marathon is one of the biggest running events in the Baltics, where locals dressed in folk costumes and flower wreaths cannot be missed either!

Budapest Marathon | Hungary

The beauty of Budapest is indisputable, and we can undoubtedly admire it on the route of the Budapest Marathon. Here, the marathon is not just a distance to run, but a community forging festival: unknown people cheering for each other, dressed figures and smiling residents fill the Danube bank.

White Nights Marathon | Russia

The White Nights Maraton is one of the most outstanding international sports events in St. Petersburg. The goals of the WNM are to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, to introduce people to regular exercise, and to show that sport can also be a bridge between several nations. In addition, the marathon passes the iconic buildings of the city, so the runners can enjoy the sight too.

Kazbegi Marathon | Georgia

Dramatic scenery, crystal clear air, the grandeur of the mountains and typical Georgian churches surround the route of the Kazbegi Marathon. For those who may be frightened at first by the length of the marathon and the difficulty of the mountain ranges, it is possible to choose from several levels.

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