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Indian atmosphere and copper glamor in Kyiv

Meeting of Mumbai and Kyiv in a luxurious yet cozy apartment: the interior of the apartment, designed by Ukrainian Prodan Design, was inspired by the Indian atmosphere of the client’s favorite London restaurant, Dishoom.

One of the most important aspects of the design was the saving of space, as the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom had to be designed on sixty-two square meters so that the result was spacious and comfortable enough. Unsurprisingly, the central element of the apartment is the copper-clad wardrobe, which not only gives the interior a characteristic, yellow-glowing surface, but also absorbs plenty of belongings and household utensils.

The cozy atmosphere is created by a mixture of warm colors and different materials: the brick-red wall and textiles dominate in the bedroom, while the brown colors of different wooden surfaces prevail in the kitchen and dark green tiles in the bathroom make the space comfortable. It is also reflected on brass lamps, handles and other accessories, creating a sophisticated and uniform overall effect.

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Source: Archdaily

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