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Innovative technology to save demolished Ukrainian panel blocks

Fast and eco-friendly: Canadian architectural office WZMH Architects is using prefabricated boxes to make buildings in Ukraine, partially destroyed by bombing, habitable again.

During the post-World War II housing crisis, millions of people were housed in prefabricated concrete-frame buildings, mainly in the former Soviet territories. Although the buildings were originally designed to be temporary, most are still occupied today. However, the war in Ukraine has again forced many people to leave their homes, with whole blocks rendered uninhabitable by rocket attacks.

With millions of square meters of property in need of reconstruction, WZMH Architects of Canada has developed an innovative method to restore the damaged blocks as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. As it would provide a quick and cheap solution for the bombed-out Ukrainians currently without a permanent home, the idea has even been praised by the Ukrainian Embassy in Canada.

The environmental aspect could not be neglected in the preparation of the program either, as WZMH architects are well aware that the building sector is responsible for 27% of the world’s emissions. Speedstac has a 20-40% lower ecological footprint than traditional renovation methods, and the costs involved are much lower.

Source: Archdaily
Photos: WZMH Architects

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