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Inspiring spaces for yoga lovers | TOP 5

To relax in a pavilion hidden in nature, to meditate in an industrial building, isolated from the noise of the city, or to immerse yourself in the spectacle from a rooftop terracein our new year kick-off selection, we have gathered yoga venues, that are not only physically and mentally recharging, but also visually inspiring. Let’s see!

KLAR | Moravian-Silesian Region | Czech Republic

The outdoor yoga pavilion in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic is an ideal place not only for yoga but also for nature lovers. The structure, designed by the KLAR studio, has been given the name Yogapoint, which aims to encourage not only a healthier lifestyle but also the exploration of the region’s natural gifts. As the name suggests, we can do yoga in the pavilion, but they are also suitable for relaxation, stretching after intense physical activity, or we can simply linger in it to admire the surrounding landscape. The materials used, as well as the structure, refer to the handicraft work with the wood characteristic of the regions of the Beskids and the Jeseníky Mountains. The universal, easy-to-build, yet unique pavilion is designed in two sizes, with the larger version accommodating up to six people who want to do yoga.

Yoga Garden & Art Gallery Brno
RO_aR architects | Brno | Czech Republic

For those who are inspired by the simple, frills-free and honest architectural spaces, they are sure to welcome a yoga class in the interior of this post-industrial building in Brno. According to the RO_aR architects’ team, “in a European context, yoga, like architecture, all too often becomes false”. In redesigning it, the architects tried to avoid this: “we wanted to create a space in which we do not rely on false nostalgia (industrial counterfeiting) or dishonest spirituality (exotic clichés),” they emphasized. The reborn interior hides several exciting details and solutions, such as the imperfections deliberately left on the old plaster and beams, or the newly designed interior garden that makes the building’s industrial atmosphere cozier. The latter takes care of watering the plants in a sustainable way by retaining rainwater. And the variably placed glass surfaces create a permanent connection between the seasonally changing garden and the building’s surroundings.

Little Yoga
Bezmirno Architects | Kyiv | Ukraine

In one of Kyiv’s residential parks, the “Little Yoga Studio” is hidden in a small apartment. The Ukrainian architectural team Bezmirno was responsible for the design of the place: the interior was inspired by the idea of creating a space with a modern design, made of cost-effective and natural materials, with a “friends only” atmosphere. At the edge of the relaxation zone is a large panel made of natural canvas and LED backlighting. The minimalism and purity of the interior design serve to create a calm space that does not distract you from meditation.

Warrior One
Golden | Melbourne | Australia

The interior of Warrior One yoga studio in the coastal suburb of Melbourne is inspired by the owner’s connection to the ocean and his love of surfing: its design is characterized by organic elements and experiences that affect our various senses. The interior was designed by the Golden design studio: their goal was to create a space experience where textures create the atmosphere instead of colors. “Understanding how the physical environment affects our well-being is especially important for a yoga studio,” the Golden team highlighted. “The design focuses much more on textures and materiality than on colors,” they added. In addition to the restrained tones, solid wood elements, pink marble on the walls of the bathrooms and the rust-colored loungers in the lobby will help visitors looking to retreat. The tactile elements of the space are complemented by unique furniture made by local designers in the entrance foyer. The end result is certainly a good example of the growing prevalence of sophisticated wellness spaces.

Milmila Yoga Center
100A associates
| Seoul | South Korea

Seoul’s bustling streets seem distant from the spaces of the Milmila Yoga Center, which, with the contrast of concrete and wood, create a peaceful meditation space in the heart of the city. The wellness yoga rooms designed by 100A Associates are floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled, which are framed by large windows overlooking the studio’s outdoor space. The presence of the city can be felt through a stone pillar hidden behind a steel entrance. People can work out in several rooms of the yoga studio, including the grass-covered garden or the pebble roof terrace overlooking the nearby Namsan Mountain. The balance between the city and nature is further emphasized by the Milmila’s bathroom, where a moss-covered rock supports the washbasin.

Photos: BoysPlayNice, Sharyn Cairns, Jae-yoon Kim

Source: Linka, Bezmirno, Dezeen, Archdaily

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