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Issue No. 3 of Hype&Hyper magazine is out now!

We’re excited to share the news that the latest spring issue of the Hype&Hyper magazine will soon hit the shelves of newsagents, bookshops and your favorite coffee shops! You can already visit the Hype Store and order the magazine, whose buzzword is: Create!

Creation, creative expression, creativity—perhaps we have never felt more need to access our creative energies than now, in the shadow of a pandemic and in the neighborhood of a war. Although we didn’t know about the latter when we chose creation as the watchword for our spring issue, we hope that our even more colorful, vibrant and inspiring magazine will spark the creative spirit in many of you.

In the spring issue of Hype&Hyper magazine, which will be published quarterly from now on, you will find, among others, an interview with futurist Abishur Prakash, a discussion with Gábor Csupó, co-founder of the world-famous Hollywood animation studio Klasky-Csupó, and interviews with well-known creatives such as Eike König and Wade and Leta. We invited a dozen of talented artists to illustrate exciting characters and inspiring projects, making the magazine a true visual feast in the midst of the spring renewal.

Order the magazine now from the Store and add one of the previous magazines to your purchase for free until 10 April! Join the Hype tribe!

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