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It’s time to say goodbye to leather!

The discovery of coffee dates back to the fifteenth century, now, six hundred years later, coffee can be not only a globally popular beverage but also a footwear material.

A shoe company called CCILU has figured out how to turn coffee grounds into a waterproof, durable, sustainable, lightweight and vegan alternative to leather. In addition, more than a quarter of a million tons of waste coffee grounds is generated each year, which means that our coffee habits have a detrimental effect on our environment.

The brand’s XpreSole® Panto shoe model has a sleek design and a variety of useful features: the ankle boots are waterproof, breathable, lightweight and machine washable, and they are made sustainably by recycling coffee grounds from up to fifteen cups of coffee per boot. In addition, this vegan footwear has won the Red Dot Best of Best, iF Design and A’ Design awards this year.

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Source: YankoDesign

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