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A Jaques Tati film inspired the new MONOCLE furniture collection by Katarzyna Jasyk

Polish interior and product designer Katarzyna Jasyk draws inspiration from almost everything around her, be it objects or her family. Her new collection, called MONOCLE, is inspired by an iconic French film, Jaques Tati’s comedy “Mon Oncle.”

Jacques Tati—also known as the French Charlie Chaplin—is an actor, director, comedian and screenwriter. And, not surprisingly, his comedy “Mon Oncle” has become a source of inspiration for furniture and interior designers. This spectacular film debuted in 1958 and took home the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Jaques Tati: Mon Oncle, 1958

“Mr. Arpel’s cinematic, futuristic villa, with its stunning architecture and original furniture, has long inspired me and influenced my thinking about design. My previous ROLL & ROOL collection already referred to this aesthetic, but these influences are much more striking in MONOCLE. Just look at the bedpost or the carpet and you can see a fragment of the villa’s façade from the film,” says the designer.

The humorous collection is made up of bold, colorful and fun pieces: three bed models (USTA, OKO and MONOCLE), a rug, a MONOCLE armchair and a funny CACKO pouf, which also refers to the jewelry of designer Aleksandra Jabłonka.

Katarzyna designed the collection for two Polish brands: Happy Barok and Happy Sleep, which are already available in the manufacturers’ stores.

Visualizations: Will Be Studio

Source: DesignAlive

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