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Jewelry store or swimming pool? – Surreal interior design from Mykonos

The Athens-based SAINT OF ATHENS chose an unusual solution when designing this jewelry store for the Italian brand Gavello in one of Greece’s most visited summer locations, Mykonos. Working with Dive Architects, they created a design that breaks with the stereotypical look of the island.

Gavello Nel Blu, designed by SAINT OF ATHENS, is a jewelry store with an interior that resembles a real swimming pool: light blue tiles, beach balls, striped sun loungers, lockers and a poolside ladder on the wall create not only a summery but also a family atmosphere. The jewels were placed in four niches embedded in the tiled wall and in a rectangular table, also tiled, as the centerpiece of the interior. According to the designers, picturesque places like Mykonos tend to be confined to the two poles of rigid tradition and forced extravagance. In the case of Gavello Nel Blu, the aim was to show that a few square meters are enough to bring out the surreal side of architecture, giving a new context to the products on display.

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