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Joanna Wzorek: postcards from Poland

Leaving our homeland is not always easy, and returning feels like a big dose of nostalgia is on our shoulders. Polish Joanna Wzorek, a London-based photographer’s new project is a homage to the homeland included in a zine. During the closures caused by the pandemic, Joanna was stuck in London, at which point the project was formulated with a feeling familiar to many of us: a longing for a place in the past, a period that time made beautiful over the years.

The title of the zine is Summer, farewell, and its content is a series of photos imbued with summer and nostalgia about the Polish countryside and the moments of summer from Joanna’s point of view. The photos, already taken in Poland, are romanticized but raw moments of a nostalgic journey that bring to life memories of Joanna’s childhood with mixed feelings of return.

Joanna Wzorek | Web | Instagram

Source: AnOthermag

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