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Kamay Ko says goodbye to plastic

One of the founding principles of the Budapest-based Kamay Ko brand is sustainability: their products are not only environmentally friendly in their materials and production, but also contribute to sustainable living. Since all the plastic used by mankind is most likely still to be found somewhere on Earth, Kamay Ko is now saying goodbye to it. Moreover, spiced with Asian vibes. Let’s see!

One of the main sources of inspiration for the brand’s new products is the culture of Asian countries, their fashion world and the everyday lives of the people who live there: the new Goodbye Plastic sets have been created by exploring and working with the lives of diaspora communities from China and other Asian countries. In this way, the collection takes the classic bag designs found in New York and Budapest’s Chinatown and gives them a new guise in which they can continue to live an eco-friendly life. These patterns are not only very characteristic of these neighborhoods but also carry a decades-old meaning for their users: these emotions and generational memories cannot be lost when the bags disappear, which is why they have been adapted in a new, sustainable form.

The products dreamed up by Kamay Ko are recalled in the photographs of Capa scholar Krisztina Szalay, who has been capturing the daily lives of people working at the Chinese market in the former Ganz factory for six years.

Photos: Szalay Krisztina

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