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Katarzyna Jasyk’s new playful porcelain collection | FLOP

Known for her sophisticated style, Katarzyna Jasyk has tried herself in the field of porcelain design in her latest project. The porcelain set of the Polish furniture and lighting designer is characterized by bright colors and playful shapes: here is FLOP.

Freedom and cheerfulness accompanied the implementation of the FLOP project, in which Katarzyna Jasyk played freely with shapes and colors.

As a furniture and lighting designer, FLOP was the first project where I worked with porcelain, which provided many new challenges and opportunities during the design process.

Katarzyna Jasyk

The main inspiration for the creation of the design came from the works of the legendary Italian Memphis Group and Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. The project was commissioned by AMKM Group, which distributes various design brands.

Photos: www.katarzynajasyk.com

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