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Katinka Hosszú’s superfood restaurant “koool” has opened

Katinka Hosszú and her fiancé, Máté Gelencsér’s restaurant “koool” has opened. The multiple Olympic, world and European champion swimmer is not only the owner and the brainchild of the restaurant, but also participated in the development of the menu as a nutrition consultant based on her own experieces. We can taste the healthy yet varied dishes at the restaurant on Szent István Avenue in Budapest, or order them as take out.

The koool’s mission is nothing less than to prove that a healthy, nutritious, allergen-free diet can be exciting, delicious and affordable in the long run, that we don’t have to give up anything to eat healthy and gluten, dairy and sugar-free. You can get a meal made from a selection of ingredients for the price of a fast food menu.

The chef of the koool is Kitti Móricz, who was originally asked by Katinka Hosszú to prepare her own diet during her preparations for the competition. They both sought to promote healthy eating with varied and tasty dishes, breaking away from the monotonous world of salad and grilled chicken.

“Eating consciously and healthily is an ‘occupational hazard’ for me, as I have to watch what I eat during all my preparations for competitions, so I have gained a lot of experience in this field. I find that we underestimate the proverb that says you are what you eat. A balanced diet is not only important for sports, as nutrition affects our immune system, our daily performance and even our state of mind and psyche,” added Katinka Hosszú.

The originality and freshness of the menu is reflected in the interior of koool, which is at least as personal to Katinka Hosszú as the mission of the restaurant. The eclectic interior of 21 Szent István Avenue evokes two stories: Katinka’s life story, the stylized world of swimming pools and classic Hungarian baths, her LA years and the golden days of the classic building, when the avenue was the center of downtown and Budapest’s social life.

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