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KEDDEN KÉTSZÁZ—Discounted tickets for the exhibitions of Kunsthalle

Each exhibition of the Kunsthalle is accessible for 200 HUF from 26 July to 16 August, on Tuesdays, in the framework of the KEDDEN KÉTSZAZ initiative!

The Kunsthalle’s current exhibitions:

• Common Space | II National Salon of Industry and Design 2022
• Metamorphosis of Light | Exhibition of Teréz Borza
• 11th Grotesque Triennial | International Grotesque Art and Design Exhibition

Common Space | 2nd National Salon of Applied Arts and Design 2022
2022 is the International Year of Glass—and thanks to a fortunate coincidence, the Salon of Applied Arts and Design will be held for the second time this year. This second Salon on this theme has expanded the number of exhibitors to over 300. The exhibition turns to Aristotle’s treatise titled Categories to elucidate the nature of ‘things speakable’ displayed in the common space and invites visitors on a contemplative walk among the objects.

Metamorphosis of Light | Exhibition of Teréz Borza
Teréz Borza (1953), a Ferenczy Award-winning porcelain artist and sculptor, will showcase her airy, translucent porcelain sculptures, her rustic dipped paper works, and her public sculptures made of time-resistant stone – Carrara marble, Indian granite, Süttő limestone – alongside her life-work exhibition.

11th Grotesque Triennial | International Exhibition of Grotesque Fine and Crafts
The Kapos ART Art and Crafts Association is organizing the 11th edition of the International Grotesque Fine Art and Crafts Competition, which will be held first in Budapest at the Kunsthalle and then at the Vaszary Gallery in Kaposvár.

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