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Kyiv’s new districts are a metaphor of hope in the photographs of Manuel Álvarez Diestro

In his photographs, Manuel Álvarez Diestro interprets the new districts of Kyiv as a visual metaphor for hope.

The photographer and filmmaker traveled to Kyiv before the conflict erupted, at the invitation of the MOLODIST International Film Festival, to present his new feature movie Trains Bound for the Sea to Ukrainian audiences. In between the various screenings, Diestro went on an exploratory trip around the city, with his camera in hand, to capture the newest parts of Kyiv. The creator mainly focused on the areas on the other side of the Dnipro River, where most of the new interventions are taking place. “I’m interested in how these structures shaping Kyiv’s landscape could represent the beginning of a new era for Ukraine,” Diestro reflects in the designboom article.

Manuel Álvarez Diestro | Web | Instagram

Source: designboom

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