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Korea’s impressive pavilion at the Dubai World Expo

Designed by the architect duo Moon Hoon and Mooyuki, the color-changing pavilion is a truly impressive sight for visitors to the World Expo. This year, Korea has brought a fresh blood to the event, opening up new perspectives to a society that’s been wrapped in the digital void.

The stadium-like structure of the pavilion in the expo’s mobility district has a staggered design, with colored squares rotating on each level to create a dynamic effect. The vibrant look is designed to attract attention and showcase the spirit of the ever-changing Korean landscape, combined with a high level of technology. Some sides of the 1,597 colorful, abstract patterned cubes represent the digital world, while others represent the analog world in an attempt to shake up a tired digital culture. Four ramps run from and into the interior of the ziggurat-like building, breaking up the wavy rainbow-like pattern.

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