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Lamp collection inspired by the phases of the Moon | Lara Bohinc X Roll & Hill

Lara Bohinc unveiled a new collection inspired by the cosmos, this time designed for US-based Roll & Hill. The Slovenian-born designer currently living in London turned to the Moon’s phases for inspiration. Meet the Moonrise lamp family!

Lara’s creative attitude is characterized by deconstruction and the reinvention of forms: she creates her objects with bold yet light, geometric yet soft and delicate lines. This attitude once again manifests in her latest collection, accompanied by astrological references—an iconic, almost trademark move of the designer. 

The particularity of the new lamp collection boasting a complex yet sophisticated geometry is determined by the interplay of round and half-round shapes arranged into various compositions. Similar to the different phases of the Moon, the Moonrise lamps also show a different geometry from different angles. The pieces are available in brushed brass or black anodized aluminum versions. 

“Lighting is like jewelry for the roomit brings sparkle, life and joy to any space. Lights are accents that determine the mood. The room is never complete without lighting,” Lara highlighted.

Roll & Hill is a design-minded, American lighting and furniture manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, NY, which collaborates with some of the most exciting independent designers working today on a regular basis. Roll & Hill was founded in 2010 by Jason Miller, whose experience as a designer and producer inspired him to create a company that might harness the talents of independent designers.

Bohinc Studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Roll & Hill | Web | Instagram

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