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Lavatory periscope | Hexia Architects

The establishment of public toilets is perhaps one of our most basic needs, yet there are several unresolved problems surrounding the issue. The public toilet project of Hexia Architects seeks to break these taboos. The shape of the strange structures was inspired by the design of the periscope, allowing users to freely enjoy the landscape around them by extending the physical boundary.

It is sometimes difficult to draw the line between our public and private spaces: Hexia Architects wish to resolve this kind of tension with its latest project. The public toilets operating like real periscopes were installed in China, next to a lake called Ginkgo; their structure seeks to promote the harmonious coexistence of nature, technology, and man. Based on this idea, the architects designed the shape of the public toilet so that its user could also enjoy the beauty of the landscape while using it.

The floor plan of each toilet is a square with two-meter sides. The modular spaces consist of various components: light steel structures, aluminum panels, ventilation shutters and rotating mirrors. The different heights of each periscope allow for a variety of views. The architects hope that, in addition to Lake Ginkgo, their public toilet project will be installed in other parts of the world, too.

Photos: Gushang Culture

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