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In less than two weeks, architecture students made a bird observatory in Poznań

At the Mood for Wood international design workshop 2021 in Poznań, Polish, German and Latvian architecture students designed a bird observatory in the Polish city on the shores of Browarny Pond. The resulting structure fits perfectly into its surroundings in terms of material, form and function.

Browarny Pond is located in Poznan, in Kobylepole, famous for its former brewery. The rich flora of the shore provides ideal nesting conditions for many bird species, including the waxwing, the common buzzard, the sparrow hawk, and various species of owl and duck.

The Mood for Wood international design workshop 2021 chose this site as one of the target areas where young designers could design a public installation that bridges the gap between wildlife and people, unspoiled nature and urban interventions with the help of practicing design studios. At the end of the eleven-day workshop, a bird observatory station, unique both in style and function, was completed on the shores of Browarny Pond, mentored by the Latvian studio NOMAD architects.

After several field visits and identifying key aspects, the first plans were presented to a local ornithologist and forestry manager on the fourth day of the workshop. After their approval, the final concept was fine-tuned. According to NOMAD architects, the main elements were made in a carpentry workshop in Poznan, from where they were transported to the site, where they were assembled and fixed.

The structure follows the leveled solution typical of bird observatories, yet it does not create the feeling of a high point. It is subtly adapted to the level of the reed beds by the lake. The installation functions as a bird observatory, a shelter and a recreation point, as well as an educational one. The upper level, which resembles a bird’s wing, was in fact shaped by function: the designers wanted a solution that would act as both a roof covering the lower level and a seating area for those who wanted to relax. The structure also features a silhouette of the most common bird species in the area and a QR code to learn more about each species.

Architecture students: Maria Pawłowa, Wojciech Smyczek, Michał Teodorczyk, Tobiasz Obrębski, Johannes Koenig,Luna Gosebruch, Miryana Petrova, Yannick Möbiu, Dārta Anda Šenberga, Liene Sondore, Ada Kocieniewska

Photos: Dawid Majewski (model photo: Wojtek Smyczek, Michał Teodorczyk, Tobiasz Obrębski)

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