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Limited Tisza swim shorts to help people with autism

This year, Tisza Shoe lovers can appear on Hungarian and foreign beaches in an outfit that’s not only fashionable but also unique in its philosophy. A new addition to the brand’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection is the men’s swimwear line, featuring two models debuting for the first time, decorated with graphics by artists living with autism.

Value creation is an important part of Tisza Cipő’s credo: it is not only reflected in the high quality, locally manufactured product range but also in the importance of social responsibility. The two young artists are severely affected by autism and live in a residential home in Miskolc in Hungary, supported by the Autistic Art Foundation. Both have been active artists for years in the special art program developed and supported by the foundation.

“It is very important that autism is no longer a taboo topic or a buzzword! The first step is to recognize that our peers with severe autism are not able to enter our normative system, we have to take that first step toward them. It is our responsibility at Autistic Art to build a bridge between mainstream society and the world of autism, through which we can begin the journey to a deeper understanding and acceptance of autism. This requires a broad social education and dialogue, starting from the very basics. In an ideal world, these dialogues could be initiated in any situation in life, be it a protocol event or even the beach. By purchasing these swim trunks, you not only support the care homes and the creators, but you also help us to talk more freely and openly about autism, acceptance and the value that our peers with severe autism can create if we make space in our world,” emphasized Henrietta Kovács, CEO of the Autistic Art Foundation.

If you would like to get your hands on one of the special swim shorts, check out Tisza’s stores or the brand’s webshop.

Photos: Zsófia Hámori

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