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The use of luxury perfumes is becoming more common every year, and this is no accident. Niche perfume houses make fragrances for those with an experimental spirit or for those who want a really special perfume experience, rather than serving large crowds. Because it’s really an experience: from artwork-level, unique perfume bottles to lengthy conversations with experts. Let us be guided by these exciting fragrances encased in glass, made with careful hands, made from good ingredients, based on personal stories, ages and emotions, and see where they come from within Eastern Europe.

Quality Missala | Poland

Founded in 1991, the family business was made a truly special place in Warsaw, and luxury products quickly became a success. Today, the chain store is one of the significant representatives of niche perfumes in Poland, in addition to the number of their shops, their stock is constantly expanding, with better and better niche perfumes at the forefront.

Egoist Royal Parfums | Czech Republic

The cozy shop is located in the heart of Prague and welcomes those who want to have the smell of carefully selected luxury perfumes. The classy atmosphere is not only created by quality perfumes, the interior of the small shop also adds to the feeling and experience.

Madison parfume gallery | Hungary

Opened on Andrássy Avenue, on the site of the former Opera Patika, the Madison perfumery awaits those interested with exclusive and special perfumes, interior fragrances and cosmetics. With original furniture that is more than 130 years old, Madison provides a special atmosphere where it is worth wandering and immersing yourself in the world of perfumes. 

Le Parfum | Austria

Exciting scents and exotic oils await your discovery at the Le Parfum in Vienna. Here, too, the furniture is more of an inviting elegance, sprinkled with a chandelier and a little Rococo. The perfume production is also favorable for the bolder and those who want something new.

Obsentum | Romania

Obsentum celebrates the exclusive perfume experience, the unique characters and the lack of rules. Here you can try the wildest niche perfumes, discover and choose, as you never know which fragrance will find you: it’s worth experimenting with courage.

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