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Magnificent pairing: contemporary poems with contemporary wines

This year for the first time, 1 Bor 1 Vers (1 Wine 1 Poem), the Borbolt a völgyben (Wine shop in the valley) initiative was launched, the idea being that wines, together with the contemporary poems chosen to accompany them, provide a complex experience.

This year, six wines from Szent György-hegy have been labelled with poems: we can read the lines of Anna T. Szabó, Júlia Varga, Tibor Babiczky, Zsófi Kemény, László Lator and Tamás Beck on wine-swilling autumn evenings. “It’s worth tasting wines and poems together, word by word, sip by sip, reading them several times, because both poems and wine have layers,” says Dóra Budavári, the project’s creative mind.

Photos: Lili Chripko

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