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Memories safer than ever | one’s

It could be an impressive ornament in any interior, but it is much more than just that: one’s keeps your memories safe, may them be tangible or digital, with a design evocative of wall clocks.

Ji Ye Hong’s elegant safe cleverly preserves anything that could be a memory. The screen on the wall clock-like object’s display panel feeds on the memories stored in our phones: once you connect it via Bluetooth, it displays your photographs according to your digital library’s memory of each given day, while its pendulum keeps moving just like that of an actual clock. 

If you have memories you are not keen on showing to all the visitors in your home, you can switch modes: you can select an album on your phone with curated content you are not afraid to show to the world. 

Named in honor of someone’s memory, the device also doubles as a physical safe to preserve tiny objects: once opened, you can collect and safely store keepsakes on the shelves behind the display panel. Its compartment can be adjusted according to the user’s needs: it comes with three shelves by default, each of which can be removed freely.

Source: Yankodesign

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