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Minimalist living space embedded in water and sand for kite-surfers

Italian architects David Cirocchi and Plinio Vanni designed a new structure in Lençois Maranhenses, Brazil, submerged in water for fans of the extreme sport of kitesurfing. The complex is like an oasis, nestled between white sand slabs and blue waves.

The complex dissolves into three structures, which appear to be separated but are actually united by the sand. Visitors can descend through a sandy slope to the seabed level, arriving at a courtyard that lights up the lodgings. The path climbs up to the water level, above a sandy platform from which kite-surfers or hang-gliders can take off. The architects aimed for an essential spatiality, free of excesses, where lights and materials give life to the interior space.

Source: Designboom

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