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Minimalist summer residence in Poland

After a gray, tiring and hectic workday, we can’t wait to finally have some good weather and relax in a quiet, intimate place, away from the noise of the city. This Polish lakeside holiday home, with its huge terrace and fabulous panorama, lined with pine trees that reach almost to the sky, is the perfect destination for a peaceful weekend full of relaxation!

In the eastern part of the Greater Poland Voivodeship, on the slopes of a hillside by a lake, this simple yet stylish villa was designed by UGO Architecture. The west-facing building is surrounded on several sides by a spacious terrace, which is also the heart of the house and can be accessed from the living room and two bedrooms. The windows, which extend almost from the floor to the ceiling, offer a wonderful panorama of the evergreen pine trees. This ingenious and practical layout not only brings nature closer, but also fills the interiors with light, while protecting the rooms from the excessive rays of the summer sun. During the project, it was extremely important that the artificial environment blended harmoniously with the colors and materials of the untouched forest. This was achieved by using materials such as natural wood to cover the terrace and graphite grey corrugated metal sheets to cover the façade.

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