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The Hungarian mïus dropped his joint album “How To” with Polish Raf Skowronski at the end of October. Noémi Barkóczi, a well-known songwriter-singer in the Hungarian Lo-fi scene, made an animated video clip for the album’s song Words.

Noémi Barkóczi complied with the request, and the clip absurdly evoked the atmosphere of the old Ablak-Zsiráf (Hungarian picture dictionary for children), a publication so well known from our childhood. Playful phrases appear as untranslatable words in the visual. Avoiding the forced storytelling, a loose, associative pictorial content was created to match the song (and the entire album). Words appear as pictorial puzzles in such a way that both illustrated elements and text can be receptible at the same time.

Raf Skowronski’s voice is heard in the songs of the Hungarian-Polish co-production. The long-planned cooperation took place within the framework of the Felczak Foundation’s Felczak Discs program. Along with Gergő Álmos and Raf Skowronski, the usual band plays the music: Szilvia Várnai, keyboard, Kristóf Gulyás, drums, Tamás Mezey, bass guitar.

Due to the extremely positive reception of the new album on Polish radio, the future plans of the formation include a tour in Poland. We don’t have to wait long, and the album’s track Panoramawill be joined by a Robot Koch (DE) remix, and we can expect a modern-classical piano cover from vaghy, the new composer of Théque Records, in the near future. Last but not least, Théque Records will launch a unique, limited edition of the album with an eco-packaging in December.

The new material is both freer and more compact, but also lighter than the previous Eigengrau and Études de Battements. There are no more expectations here, fewer solutions, the How To doesn’t want to be anything, just what it really is. When composing the record, Álmos and the team used only four to five analog synthesizers. Almost every audible sound comes from these, resulting in a unified musical sound. “Our goal was to be freer, but still have a unified material,” Álmos Gergő, the frontman of mïus, summed up.

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