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Monochrome harmony | SOHO BB

Known for its sophisticated projects, the Slovak studio Grau Architects is also at home in the world of interior design: one of the latest proofs of this is the refined, yet characterful design of the bistro in the small town of Banská Bystrica.

The SOHO restaurant and bistro is located on the ground floor of a late Renaissance building built in 1530. The interiors of the house were rebuilt several times in the past, so when the project came to the team of Grau, they set a simple goal: to restore the original values and identity of the house, all in the simplest, most innovative way possible.

The essence of the design is given by the monochrome colors, which also highlight the aesthetics of the diverse Asian food. With its harmonious decor and use of color, the restaurant allows for maximum enjoyment of culinary delights.

Photos: Matej Hakár

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